Women 5 km run and walk

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Women 5 km run and walk


Here you can find the Challenge Women FAQ.

Nice to see you here on our Challenge Women FAQ-site! Here you can find all the answers to the most asked questions about Challenge Women.

  1. ALL ABOUT    registration and re-registration.
  2. ALL ABOUT    “the start”
  3. ALL ABOUT     T-shirt, race number, goodie bag and timekeeping
  4. ALL ABOUT     Certificate, medal and results:
  5. ALL ABOUT     Schedule and what’s on offer:
  6. ALL ABOUT     Organisation


1. ALL ABOUT registration and re-registration.

When and where can I register for Challenge Women 2024? 

Registration is always possible directly after the Challenge Women Monday right here.

How do I register a team/group (collective registration)?

You can choose between an individual registration and a group registration at the registration.

Are there any group reductions/discounts or similar?

Unfortunately, there is no such thing, but we or our partners regularly organize competitions in which you can win a starting place. A collective registration is possible from 3 persons.

How do I know if I have successfully registered for the Challenge Women?

You will receive a confirmation by e-mail after you have registered. It may happen that it ends up in your spam folder – so please check again. You can also take a look at the current start list at any time – here you will find your name and the names of all the other participants.

When is the registration deadline for the Challenge Women?

The registration deadline is one week before the event – this year on the 17th of June 2023

Is it still possible to register after the closing date?

Yes, of course. You can still register on site or online up to two hours before the start.

Is it possible to return my race number in case of illness or similar?

Unfortunately, there is no possibility of a refund or cancellation. However, we can offer you to give your starting place to a friend or family member free of charge and we will rebook your starting place. Alternatively, someone with your power of attorney can collect your high-quality goody bag and medal for you on site.

Can I take over the starting place of another person or pass it on to someone else?

You are welcome to take over the starting place of another person with his or her consent, provided that a rebooking has been made in advance by our timekeeper.

When will the entry fees for a collective entry be debited from my account?

The entry fees for the collective entry will be debited from your account after the entry deadline.


2. ALL ABOUT “the start”:

What can I understand by the “warm-up programme”?

Together with our trainers you warm up 15 minutes before the start at 10am. Then you can go out onto the course in a good mood!

How does the start of the run work?

We start in five different blocks. You should line up according to your average running time.

Is the run/walk divided into specific groups?

Yes, the groups are divided into approximate running speed (5 blocks), but here you are allowed to rank yourself. Your target time at registration serves as a first orientation.

Where can I find the starter list of the participants?

Here you can find the starting list for Roth.

What is the minimum age for the Challenge Women?

The minimum age for the Challenge Women is 10 years.

Can I start with a pram?

You can start with a pram, but we ask you to start in the last block out of consideration for the other participants. The time will only be measured once you have crossed the start line (mat of timekeeper).

Can I start with my dog?

No, out of consideration for the other participants we ask you to leave your four-legged companion with your fan club or at home.




3. ALL ABOUT – T-shirt, race number, goodie bag and timekeeping

When can I collect my race number and goodie bag?

Opening hours: Friday, 23.06.2023: 14:00 pm – 19:00 pm & Saturday, 24.06.2023: 08:00 am – 14:00 pm

What will the Challenge Women Roth 2023 shirt look like?

This year there will be colourful fanny packs instead of the pink shirts – on the one hand for economic reasons, but on the other hand also for a sea of colours. You are welcome to wear your Challenge Women shirts from previous years. The goodie bag also includes a 10 Euro discount voucher for a Challenge Women shirt from the last years. You can buy this directly on site.

What sizes of T-shirts are available?

We have all sizes from XS to 2XL for you.

Do I have to wear the Challenge Women T-shirt or can I bring my own sports clothes?

That’s up to you, you can wear your pink shirt from the last years – but you don’t have to!

Where can I pick up my starting documents?

For your race documents you just have to visit us on Friday or Saturday in our Challenge Women tent at the Expo area and you can pick them up directly.

How can I attach my race number?

Together with your race number you will also receive four safety pins with which you can attach your race number to your T-shirt or similar. The better alternative, however, is certainly our start number band, which you can easily purchase from our shop and thus no longer have to worry about pins pricking your number.

How do I get my goodie bag?

You can easily pick up your goodie bag – together with your starting documents – on Friday or directly on Saturday before the start in our Challenge Women tent.

What is in my goodie bag?

The contents of the goodie bags vary from year to year – but there is always something useful inside. If there are products in the bag that you don’t like, you can simply put them in the exchange box and take another one in its place or simply “donate” it.

The MikaTag will be used for timekeeping in 2022. What is the MikaTag?

The MikaTag is an integral part of the start number. It ensures the automatic and optimal attachment of the transponder. No return of the transponder is required.




4. ALL ABOUT – Certificate, medal and results:

Where can I pick up my certificate?

After the race, you can easily download your certificate as a PDF from the online list of participants and celebrate your success.

Where can I get my medal?

You will receive your Challenge-Women finisher medal right at the finish line! Be proud of yourself 😉

Where can I find my results from Challenge Women Roth?

Here you can find your results from Challenge Women Roth 2022.

What are the results and prizes at the award ceremony?

Each participant will receive a medal at the finish as a memento of her performance. The award ceremony will take place in 2023 for each registered category. Either 5 km run or 5 km walking. The three fastest of the two categories will be honoured. In addition, the oldest participant, the local heroine and the participant with the most unusual outfit will be honoured.

NEW: The fastest family (prerequisite: registration with a family classification) Each participant will be listed in the corresponding category according to their registration.




5. ALL ABOUT – Schedule and what’s on offer:

Where can I find a detailed schedule of the event?

Here  you will (soon) find the exact schedule of Challenge Women 2023. Our social programme will take place on Friday and Saturday at the Challenge Women Expo.

Will there be opportunities to get food and drink during the event?

Water stations will be waiting for you on the run course – once you reach the finish line, you will be rewarded not only with water but also with numerous free treats from our partners. There are also a large number of food trucks on the Expo ground, so you certainly won’t have to go home with a hungry stomach.

What else is on offer besides the run?

On the Challenge Women grounds you will find a great expo area with many partner offers, a stage programme and a massage and beauty lounge to pamper yourself.

Opening hours: Friday, 23.06.2023: 14:00 pm – 19:00 pm & Saturday, 24.06.2023: 08:00 am – 14:00 pm




6. ALL ABOUT – Organisation

Are there showers or changing rooms?

Unfortunately we don’t have showers or changing rooms, but you can cool off on the course in our “atmosphere nest”.

Can I drop off my bag during the race?

It is not possible to drop off your bag at our office, but your (hopefully) fan club will surely take over this task for you.

What about medical care on the course?

Team Challenge will provide sufficient medical care on and off the course and in case of emergency medical staff will be available directly.

Will the race also take place if the is bad wheater?

So far we have always been lucky with lots of sunshine. Therefore, we trust that it will stay that way. Should the weather deteriorate and the event not be possible, our terms and conditions will apply.

Where can I find the photos of the Challenge Women run?

You can find all pictures on our website or on our social media like Instagram or Facebook.

What is the best way to get to the Challenge site?

The best way to get there is by public transport. The train station is a 15 minute walk from the Challenge (Women) site. By car, there is some parking nearby. Due to the triathlon weekend, the car parks will be very busy. In the overview you will find various parking options to get to the Challenge Women Expo Area in the Triathlon Park quickly and comfortably.