Women 5 km run and walk

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Women 5 km run and walk

Award ceremony – Challenge Women Virtual Run 2021

We are very happy to announce that over 861 participants from 17 different countries took part in the second Challenge Women Virtual Run. Congratulations to all runners & walkers – you are great!

We also congratulate especially the following people:

“Most Beautiful Experience Moment” :

Emma (bib number 483)

Awesome celebrating the Challenge Women Virtual Run with your international family.


5km Run
national – 1st place: Wangler, Natalie; start number 585; time: 16:56 minutes
international – 1st place: David, Silke; start number 368; time: 18:35 minutes

5km Walk
national – 1st place: Mühlberger, Tanja; start number 448; time: 34:18 minutes
international – 1st place: Cayen de Jong, Carla; start number 485; time: 57:48 minutes

10km Run
national – 1st place: Bittel, Corinna; Startnummer 2288; time: 41:29 minutes
international – 1st place: Binder, Maria; bib number 2346; time: 48:59 minutes

10km Walk
national – 1st place: Klozik, Sandra; start number 2060; time: 1:16:31 hour
international – 1st place: Winkler, Cornelia; bib number 2098; time: 1:41:17 hour


10 randomly selected winners:

Delia, start number: 112

Natalie, start number: 9

Manuela, start number: 2002

Julia, start number: 2010

Natascha, bib number: 178

Claudia, bib number: 543

Bianca, bib number: 267

Jessica, bib number: 318

Nina, starting number: 2099

Kerstin, start number: 2222


All other results can be found here: https://challenge-women.r.mikatiming.net/2021/?pid=start&pidp=start