Women 5 km run and walk

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Women 5 km run and walk


When will I get my POWER PACKAGE or Medal package?

You’re ready to go, and your running shoes are already on? We will send out your POWER PACKAGE Starter kits two weeks before the CHALLENGE WOMEN VIRTUAL RUN. The medal package will send out one week before.

Which packages is or was bookable?

Online Package

Here you get access to the mika:timing timing app, your race number to print yourself, the great online goodie bag with great offers from our partners, access to the Spotify playlist and lots of motivation via the Challenge Women community.

The online package can be booked online until 1st of July 2021.

Medal Package

Includes all elements of the Online Package and additionally the MEDAL-Starter Kit with the Challenge Women medal 2021, the headband in the new Challenge Women design and a blank start number.

The Medal Package can be booked online until 20th of June 2021.

Power Package

Includes all contents from the Online Package + the exclusive POWER Starter Kit with the new Challenge Women Virtual Run Shirt, the Challenge Women Medal 2021, the headband in Challenge Women design, the personalised race number and great products from our partners. In addition, you will receive access to the exclusive motivation week with great activities for optimal preparation for your Virtual Run.

The Power Package can be booked online until 07th of June 2021, 12:00 a.m.

Where can I find the starter list for the virtual run?

Here you can have a look on the starter list for the virtaul run.

Can I buy a Challenge Women shirt from you?

At the moment the  Challenge Women Virtual Run Shirt is only available in the POWER PACKAGE.

Where can I find the warm-up video? How long is it available?

The Warm Up starts on Saturday, 03.07.2021 at 09.45 am. The video will be available until Sunday evening. You can watch it directly before the start of your run. It will be available on our social media channels and Youtube from Saturday:

Facebook / Instagram / Youtube

When will the award ceremony takes place? And which categories will be awarded?

The award ceremony will take place on Sunday at 13.00 p.m. The following categories will be awarded, with great and high-quality products of our partners & sponsors:

  • Fastest runner over the 5k in Germany and internationally
  • Fastest runner over the 10k in Germany and internationally
  • Fastest walker over the 5k in Germany and internationally
  • Fastest walker over the 10k in Germany and internationally
  • Most beautiful “run moment “
  • 10 randomly selected runners/walkers of the starting list (we want you all to have the opportunity to be a winner!)


What are the rules of the Challenge Women Virtual Run?


  1. Run alone or with a companion!

Due to the different regulations of the federal governments, it is recommended to run alone if possible! Please observe the regulations in force in your (federal) country at that time. Currently, the following regulations and guidelines apply according to the Federal Government of Germany (as of 02.02.2021):

…Individual sports as well as sports in pairs or with members of the own household remain permitted.

  1. Keep your distance!

We kindly ask you to choose a 5k or 10k course, that you can easily do alone. If you meet other people, please keep a safe distance of at least 10 metres from the next runner. Regarding the walkers, a minimum distance of 5 metres to the next walker is required.

  1. Watch your health!

We kindly ask you to only start if you feel physically fit. The participation in the run is at your own risk. We provide you with a warm-up video on Facebook/Instagram from the local fitness club well.come in Roth. This will give you an optimal start into your run!

We deliberately set the Challenge Women Virtual Run  to a 24 hour time window, so you can have your track all to yourself. If you live in Roth or the surrounding area, feel free to run the original CHALLENGE WOMEN run course. However we kindly ask you to keep the minimum distance of at least 10 metres to the next runner apart from your companion. All others can follow the course virtually thanks to the Challenge Women app.