Women 5 km run and walk

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Women 5 km run and walk

Challenge Women Vision

CHALLENGE WOMEN fascinates women…

of all ages in running and triathlon. Our goal is to motivate all women to support their partners during the CHALLENGE race: we also aim at getting them to take part in the triathlon weekend event in Langen in order to experience their own personal ‘CHALLENGE’. Furthermore we want to encourage women of the region to indulge themselves in a special day dedicated to women; with a best friend, a sister, in a group or with family members. Be it running or walking – it’s all about having fun, the pleasure of doing exercise and enjoying the experience together. The 5K race will be held on a moderate course that will end at the women’s arena: a live peak at the CHALLENGE that will give you goose bumps! There will be a separate Challenge Women shirt for each event as well as a premium goodie bag, a great warm-up atmosphere on the course, and lastly, a Women’s Expo in Billund and Roth with a spa and unique social program.


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